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    What kind of metal surface treatment

    2021-03-06 16:27:32


    What kind of metal surface treatment
    Machining surface treatment is an important processing procedure in machining. Machining surface treatment can play an important role in protecting and beautifying the workpiece.
    In the mechanical processing, the form of mechanical processing surface treatment is varied, processing, the need according to the material of the workpiece and processing requirements, the correct choice of the type of surface treatment.

    Mechanical processing common surface treatment types are: electrostatic spraying, baking paint, zinc, chromium, nickel, titanium, gold, silver, aluminum anode, penetration, oil spraying, sandblasting, DLC treatment, Teflon treatment, black dyeing, cold plating and so on.
    Here we introduce some common types of surface treatment and their functions.

    1, electrostatic spraying
    Electrostatic spraying is the use of high voltage electrostatic field, with floating point coating particles along the opposite direction of the electric field directional movement, the coating particles adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece.
    Electrostatic spray coating can get a thicker coating, powder coating without solvent no pollution, improve the working health conditions.
    Adopts powder electrostatic spraying and other new technology, high efficiency, for automatic assembly line production has a good performance, and can be recycled.
    It has been widely used in automotive processes, electrical insulation, corrosion-resistant valves, chemical pumps, castings and so on.

    2, zinc, chromium, nickel, titanium, silver

    These several surface treatment methods are in the workpiece surface plating a layer of metal film, in order to achieve the purpose of the need.
    (1) galvanized: mainly in order to make the surface more beautiful, put rust.
    (2) chromium plating: can make metal products more durable, hard chromium plating is mainly used for machinery under high temperature, such as: mold.
    Decorative chrome plating is mainly to make the surface more bright, beautiful appearance.
    (3) nickel plating: by oxidation reduction effect on the metal surface deposition, used to improve corrosion resistance and wear resistance, increase beauty and luster.
    (4) Titanium plating: prevent pollution, and contact with the human body will not produce allergic reaction.
    Because titanium compounds have a variety of colors, they can increase the aesthetic effect.
    At the same time, titanium has the function of acid, alkali and oxidation resistance.
    (5) silver plating: there are two main roles, one is decorative, one is functional.
    Decorative for oxidation resistance test.
    Functionality is mainly used in the electronics industry, such as electrode, wire, electric shock, pole plate, etc.

    3. Aluminum anode
    Anodic oxidation of aluminum is mainly an electrolytic oxidation process in which the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloy is usually transformed into an oxide film, which has curing, decorative and other functional properties.
    Aluminum anode is mainly used in two aspects: one is when aluminum is used outdoors, after the anode, aluminum surface forms a layer of protective film, which can be free from oxidation corrosion and prolong life.
    The second is used for electronics, which can make the shell of the hard disk and the surface of the radiator non-conductive and protect the circuit and the human body.

    4, impregnation
    This is a microporous permeability sealing process.
    Sealing medium is permeated through natural infiltration, vacuum and pressure methods to fill gaps.
    The main function is to achieve the purpose of sealing the gap.

    5, sand blasting
    Adopts the compressed air power, the formation tells the jet beam to spray the jet material to the workpiece surface that needs to be processed at high speed, so that the appearance of the workpiece surface changes.
    The effect of this surface treatment is to effectively improve the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, increase the adhesion between it and the coating, and extend the durability of the coating film.

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