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    How to deal with the metal surface of the transmission gear

    2021-03-06 16:25:47


    How to deal with the metal surface of the transmission gear

    Gear is an important part of automobile gearbox. With the continuous development of automobile lightweight, the requirements of lightweight and precision of components are getting higher and higher.
    Some high-end passenger car gearboxes have complicated gear structures and add a certain number of holes in the webs to achieve weight reduction.
    This increases the difficulty of surface anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment. This problem may be a technical problem for traditional electroplating, but it is easy to solve for alloy catalyst solution.

    The shape of gearbox gear products is complex, with both sides of the oil groove and the assembly boss, the web hole and the forging boss have position and size requirements, and the dimensional accuracy of these parts is relatively strict (tolerance ±0.4mm), but the blank size control is difficult, the surface treatment of the product after forming is not too thick, affecting the dimensional accuracy.

    This kind of gear mostly has thin webs and many holes. After forging and punching, the forging is easy to deform. It is essential to ensure the punching and correcting work step of the product.
    Due to equipment problems, punching and correcting work steps are completed in a press.
    Considering the factors such as personnel cost and production tempo, it is necessary to design a compound die which combines punching and correction to solve the deformation of the gear web caused by punching.

    The final forming part of the mold of the gear mostly adopts the overall structure. The size of the module is large, the deep cavity part is difficult to fill, the stress concentration cracking is easy to occur during forging, the core part wears fast, and the mold cost is high.
    In addition to improving the structure of the die, the parts that are difficult to fill are divided into blocks, and the upper and lower dies are divided into two parts of the die sleeve and the die core respectively. The surface treatment technology with high density such as alloy catalyst solution can also be applied to effectively solve the problems of die wear, cracking and filling of the forgings, which is conducive to improving the life of the die.

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